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Mechanic Tips

Learn how to maintain your car. From our pros .

It is important that everyone who operates a vehicle should have a basic knowledge of what, when and why certain maintenance services are required. If you are comfortable checking these things yourself that’s great. If you are not, then you would be advised to find a repair shop that you trust.

At the very least you would know what the service centre is recommending when you bring your vehicle in for repair.


  1. 1.) Change your fuel cap


  1. 1.) Change your fuel cap

When looking for service and repairs, it is always best to provide your mechanic with your vehicle's VIN number. This helps immediately eliminate any delays or comunication problems about your vehicle, since the VIN has most, if not all of the details embedded. 

Before I was involved in the Automotive business, I got oil change deals from Mr. Lube, Jiffy Lube, I got oil changes at Canadian Tire, Midas and Kal-tire and I got oil changes from the dealership. Prices vary a lot. Why is that? How much does an oil change actually cost?

How do you know if you're getting a good deal or not? Even if you shop around and ask several mechanic shops for quotes, how do you know if the best price is the best deal.

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Four simple rules to follow: (1) Buy a car that's easy to maintain, (2) If buying used, get an inspection (3) keep up on the service schedule, (3) find a mechanic you trust and stick with it.

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